Common Wet Shave Mistakes That Newbies Make wet shave

You finally found it… The rookie mistakes that most frequently result in knick’s, scratches, irritated skin and other symptoms associated with a do-it-yourself wet shave gone bad. This thing is, even if you’re a veteran of the traditional wet shave, … Continue reading

RIP Corporate Beards… Men that Shave More, Earn More.

Over the past 15 years, bearded gentleman have made significant progress gaining both the acceptance and respect of their peers in the workplace. No longer reserved for Harley Davidson riders and blue-collar folk, everything from the 5 o’clock shadow to … Continue reading

Top 6 Old School Shave Instructional Videos shaving-guy

Winning Is Like Shaving — Do It Every Day Or You End Up Looking Like a Bum – Jack Kemp. Video hosting sites like YouTube are a wealth of knowledge for mastering the art of the old school shave. However, … Continue reading

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