Common Wet Shave Mistakes That Newbies Make

Don't Make Classic Rookie Shaving Mistakes Like This.

Don’t Make Classic Rookie Shaving Mistakes Like This.

You finally found it…

The rookie mistakes that most frequently result in knick’s, scratches, irritated skin and other symptoms associated with a do-it-yourself wet shave gone bad.

This thing is, even if you’re a veteran of the traditional wet shave, you may discover one of these common pitfalls has slipped their way into your routine.

Fortunately, the shaved-obsessed gurus at Gentleman’s Hangar are here to set you straight on the fundamentals of the wet shave and give you some pointers to fix the most common mistakes we see among rookies and veterans alike.

Ready… Set… Let’s Shave!

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1.) Change Your Blade. Change Your Results.

This is by far the most common mistake newbie shavers make. Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest (and affordable) to fix as well.

The number of shaves a blade can handle will vary depending on the brand and quality of blade you purchase. But a good rule of thumb is that you should get a solid 3 – 5 shaves out of most decent blades before you need to make a change.

2.) Misinformation

If you’re like the majority of wet-shave aficionados, you were introduced to this passion from someone close to you like a father, grandfather or close friend.  Depending on how much experience those individuals had with a wet-shave, you may have received some bad, albeit good natured advice about the best way to shave.

If you fall into this category, we recommend downloading The Art of the Shave Guide. This free guide and video will give you both a solid foundation into a straight forward process for shaving, but some fascinating tidbits into the history of shaving as well.

3.) Too Many Shiny Objects

This is the pretty much the opposite of misinformation. It can be easy, especially when just getting started to want to try dozens of combinations of shaving creams, after shaves, and brands of razors to get the ideal close shave. Resist this urge!

When you start a new shaving process, you need to stick with it for awhile. We recommend at least 5 – 10 days using any one process to ensure you’re:

a.) Mastering the regimen and applying product correctly.
b.) Giving your skin time to react to the change in products or process.

3.) Poor Product

You get what you pay for…

This timeless advice still holds true to this day, especially when it comes to shaving products. Lower grade, mass manufactured creams rob the skin of moisture and simply won’t lather as well as higher-grade options.

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4.) In a Hurry… AKA Poor Prep

Shaving the right way takes a bit more time. One reason is that you ideally want to prep the skin and hair prior to taking the blade to skin.

A 5-minute hot shower before beginning the routine will help open pores and prepare for a better shave. What’s become a classic video below from Mantic59 of Sharpologist demonstrates how you can conduct the proper shave in about 10 minutes.

If you don’t have at least 10 minutes total on a particular day, we completely understand. However, don’t expect to get the same results if you’re not putting the time in.

5.) Too Much Pressure 

Last but not least, a lot of shavers will apply WAY too much pressure to the skin. The result is knicks in skin, irritation and redness. You don’t need to shave this way!

Often, this mishap is the result of not replacing blades frequently enough. If you don’t replace blades regularly, it will be harder to shave. Your tool simply isn’t able to operate at optimal levels without maintenance.

One trick for applying less pressure is to release the grip slightly on the razor. This will allow the razor to do it’s job, instead of your brute strength.

When it comes to shaving… Trial, error, and experimentation to figure out what works best for you is truly is part of the fun. We encourage you to continue testing new approaches to determine what works best for your skin and hair type.

Have any tips that work well for you? Please share them in the comments section below. 

RIP Corporate Beards… Men that Shave More, Earn More.


Over the past 15 years, bearded gentleman have made significant progress gaining both the acceptance and respect of their peers in the workplace. No longer reserved for Harley Davidson riders and blue-collar folk, everything from the 5 o’clock shadow to the occasional goatee has earned its rightful spot in boardrooms across corporate America.

bearded gentleman

Photo Credit: Ayleen Gaspar on Flickr

And while the modern workplace may no longer look like a scene from Mad Men if you want to be the boss or just make more money, you still need to shave.

An entire generation of hipsters may take issue with this advice, but observe the following. When’s the last time you saw a CEO with muttonchops? A business leader with handle bar mustache? Presidential candidate with a soul patch? Sure there are a handful of examples of renegade founder / CEO types that have bucked the trend, but by a large margin the close shave wins out. But why?


Close Shave = More Promotions says Science

So how can it be with all this progressive beard reform that we still see our facial hair friends get the short end of the stick in the workplace? Well, it has a lot the-donaldto do with stereotyping that occurs among us at a sub-conscious level. In other words, most of us just can’t help but judge a book by it’s cover.

In a 2003 issue of Psychological Reportsa study was conducted that evaluated how someones attractiveness, personality, social status, competency and moral character were evaluated based on a first impression with facial hair. In this study participants were shown four sketches of the same man–clean shaven, mustache, goatee, and bearded. In a hiring situation it was found that a strong preference for the shaven man was preferred. For the simple fact that a man was shaven, he appeared to be someone that would “fit in” with the corporate environment and be more affective in his role.

One of the most alarming points that this study makes is that the sketches did not take into account experience of the applicants, educational background or any other characteristics that could be logically used to compare candidates. It was simply a “gut” feeling that made the shaven men more desirable applicants.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them.


Admittedly, it’s not fair that men with beards are discriminated against this way (even if people can’t help it). At this point, you understand the challenges you face as an employee on the rise and have a descision make.

Option 1: Rage against the the worlds unfair perceptions of facial hair in your workplace. Carry the torch and help educate your fellow co-workers that while you make have a long scraggly beard, you’re just as trustworthy and competent as the clean-cut kid next to you.

Option 2: Take advantage of this sub-concisious human preference to trust well-groomed gentleman. At the very least, make sure you shave prior to any big interview.

Capitalize on 100,000 Years of Human Perception

If you’ve decided to take the path of least resistance and would like to get promoted so that you can earn more money over the long-term, check out these handy resources for getting your shave on and getting promoted:

Art of the Shave Guide – If you need help on the shaving side, check out this 48 guide from Gentleman’s Hangar. This free report will give you a historical breakdown of shaving in addition to providing you with a non-nonsense beginners guide to traditional shaving.

Top 6 Traditional Wet Shave Videos – Learn from the best in this “ultimate” list of wet shave videos.

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Top 6 Old School Shave Instructional Videos


Winning Is Like Shaving — Do It Every Day Or You End Up Looking Like a Bum – Jack Kemp.

Video hosting sites like YouTube are a wealth of knowledge for mastering the art of the old school shave. However, sorting between the good, bad, and low videos can be a major waste of time. Fortunately, the fine folks at Gentleman’s Hangar put in two weekends and a combined 32 hours of overtime to watch, rate, and vote on the top 6 instructional traditional shave videos so you can invest your time learning about and improving your wet shaving chops.

We hope you enjoy our “top list” organized in no particular order. If you have a friend in need of shaving advice, please share this resource on social media. After all, true Facebook friends don’t let their friends look like a bum.

10 Minute Traditional Wet Shave

Mark AKA Mantic59 from has established himself as the authority on the topic of traditional shaving and grooming. Starting with nothing more than a camera and a YouTube channel, he has continued to grow his platform and now manages a popular blog, podcast, and serves as a contributor on websites like Details Style Syndicate. If you’re looking for a crash course on the traditional shave, the video above is fast track to wet shave bliss.

The Route 66 Wet Shave

Part travel. Part wet shave. If you’re not familiar with the HairCut Harry series, you’ll wish you were. Each episode takes you inside old school barber shops located across the globe and tells the story of the communities and people these establishments of yesteryear serve. Learn more by checking out HairCut Harry’s Youtube channel.

How to Wet Shave: The No Frills Basics

If you’re new to the topic of wet shaving, this crash course will guide your through how to use a straight razor and how to conduct a wet shave. As described on YouTube, this video was created with the NOOB in mind. For more advanced commentary and tips, you can check out Douglas Smythe at How to Grow A Moustache.

Top 10 Shaving Questions (And Answers)

GeoFatBoy has answered over 10,000 wet shave questions while operating In this video, GeoFatBoy answers the top 10 questions he routinely receives on the topic of the wet shave.

The Perfect Shave

Ready to go beyond the basics and perfect the fine art of the shave? This video by Gentleman’s Vanity shows you how. Best of all, as demonstrated in the video the “perfect” shave can be completed in just 5 easy steps.

How to Shave Your Beard Off

For a certain segment of the readership, we realize it may have been a while since your last clean shave. In the case of Wesley Allen (featured above), it’s probably been a few months. If you end up having to attend any formal public function such as a wedding or simply apply for a job this video is for you. Watch more of Wesley Allen’s entertaining videos here.