Top 6 Old School Shave Instructional Videos

Winning Is Like Shaving — Do It Every Day Or You End Up Looking Like a Bum – Jack Kemp.

Video hosting sites like YouTube are a wealth of knowledge for mastering the art of the old school shave. However, sorting between the good, bad, and low videos can be a major waste of time. Fortunately, the fine folks at Gentleman’s Hangar put in two weekends and a combined 32 hours of overtime to watch, rate, and vote on the top 6 instructional traditional shave videos so you can invest your time learning about and improving your wet shaving chops.

We hope you enjoy our “top list” organized in no particular order. If you have a friend in need of shaving advice, please share this resource on social media. After all, true Facebook friends don’t let their friends look like a bum.

10 Minute Traditional Wet Shave

Mark AKA Mantic59 from has established himself as the authority on the topic of traditional shaving and grooming. Starting with nothing more than a camera and a YouTube channel, he has continued to grow his platform and now manages a popular blog, podcast, and serves as a contributor on websites like Details Style Syndicate. If you’re looking for a crash course on the traditional shave, the video above is fast track to wet shave bliss.

The Route 66 Wet Shave

Part travel. Part wet shave. If you’re not familiar with the HairCut Harry series, you’ll wish you were. Each episode takes you inside old school barber shops located across the globe and tells the story of the communities and people these establishments of yesteryear serve. Learn more by checking out HairCut Harry’s Youtube channel.

How to Wet Shave: The No Frills Basics

If you’re new to the topic of wet shaving, this crash course will guide your through how to use a straight razor and how to conduct a wet shave. As described on YouTube, this video was created with the NOOB in mind. For more advanced commentary and tips, you can check out Douglas Smythe at How to Grow A Moustache.

Top 10 Shaving Questions (And Answers)

GeoFatBoy has answered over 10,000 wet shave questions while operating In this video, GeoFatBoy answers the top 10 questions he routinely receives on the topic of the wet shave.

The Perfect Shave

Ready to go beyond the basics and perfect the fine art of the shave? This video by Gentleman’s Vanity shows you how. Best of all, as demonstrated in the video the “perfect” shave can be completed in just 5 easy steps.

How to Shave Your Beard Off

For a certain segment of the readership, we realize it may have been a while since your last clean shave. In the case of Wesley Allen (featured above), it’s probably been a few months. If you end up having to attend any formal public function such as a wedding or simply apply for a job this video is for you. Watch more of Wesley Allen’s entertaining videos here.