About Us

The Beginning

Jim started Gentleman’s Hangar in 2014 as a small, solo side venture. It turns out, though- keeping things small is difficult when your product makes people feel so good. Mike joined the team and today our simple skincare business is thriving.

Our Philosophy

We fully believe that a comprehensive daily shaving routine can improve the lives of men across generations. Money shouldn’t stand in the way of any man’s right to a good shave.

We make sure that all of our products are made with the best natural ingredients, while still keeping them affordable enough for everyone. Men often find ourselves being told by society to “grow up”… but, what does that even mean?

What’s the secret to self confidence and success on the road to manhood? How do we become real adults?

That’s Where Gentleman’s Hangar Comes in.

We know something about life that many men are never taught: a daily shave routine with high quality products is the key to success.

Shaving gives us time to reflect. Shaving increases self-awareness and confidence. A daily shave ritual gives us time to coach ourselves in the mirror every morning.

It gives us time to think… think about our day… think about our priorities… think about how we will carpe every diem.

We’re passionate about helping guys everywhere grow gracefully into manhood… one shave at a time.

Jim & Mike, Founders of Gentleman’s Hangar


At Gentleman’s Hangar, our mission is to provide access to affordable, high-quality shaving accessories and skincare to everyone. We hand label every bottle and pack every shipment ourselves. We take shaving seriously. Taking pride in your face isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.


Today the life of a man has become more complicated than at any other time in the last 50 years. We are set on helping the men of our generation grow and succeed. Success comes from taking pride in yourself. Taking pride in your work. And most importantly- taking pride in your face.


  • Providing affordable luxury skincare for all- healthy skin and beards are a basic human right
  • Environmental sustainability – we care about your face AND the planet
  • Bringing the tradition of shaving back to the future- In the chaos that is 2020, all men benefit from an old-fashioned groom