To shave or not to shave? That has been the question on many minds as we’ve seen more and more men use their hair as fashion statement pieces. From man buns to ZZ Top beards, bushy has been the front-runner for a while.

And that’s cool. We get it. Some of the guys in our office choose the beard. We’re about to launch some awesome oils to nourish the beard. We encourage shaving to manicure the beard. We respect the beard.

But. If you haven’t heard, the world has gone a little crazy. There’s a pandemic. Turn on the news. They’ll tell you about it. With people everywhere debating how to best avoid being sprayed with germs, scientists have begun to say what we’ve known for decades: shaving is good for you.

Studies all over the world have confirmed that while a clean, groomed beard can be a relatively germ-free zone, those of us neglecting our faces and skincare routines are basically walking around with petri dishes. On our face.

In a world where some are scared to stand too close to even the cleanest people, we should all do ourselves (and society) a favor and start shaving. Keep your face from becoming a health hazard and check out our new safety razors. They’re basically preventative medicine at this point.