You ever feel like you need to relax by doing something that makes you feel AND look good? It’s kind of like, you want a spa day… without saying you want a spa day… or going to an actual spa. Yeah, us too. It’s cool. We won’t tell anyone.

Guess what, though? It turns out, one hour with a good barber is more relaxing than any mud bath. And you don’t have to wear cucumbers on your eyes (unless that’s your thing). Yep, those dudes going in and out of the barber shop’s doors have a secret. They know how to relax. And they look classy doing it.

In case we haven’t convinced you yet, shaving is NOT optional. That’s why we’re here, after all. Your face can still look awesome without a professional (as long as you’re using our products), but sometimes the guidance of a professional is nice when we’re designing our face. Want to go ahead and outsource? Here’s how to prepare for your first visit:

  1. The Look: Figure out what you want, guys. Don’t go in there blind. Your barber doesn’t know what you want to look like. Going for a clean shave? Enjoy.
    But, for you fellas out there who are thinking about changing it up, you may want to refer to magazines or the internet for beard based brainstorming.
    Even though it’s the inside that counts, sometimes the outside matters, too. Well-developed beards can be better than plastic surgery. Either way, you need professional assistance.
  2. The Guy (or Gal): Research. Read reviews. Reviews matter (check out ours). Once you’ve found the professional who sounds like the one, make an appointment. Don’t just walk in. It can be rude. Plus, you don’t want to rush the person holding a blade to your throat.
  3. Stock Up: Do not. We repeat. DO NOT spend all of this time… and money… to go to a professional without a plan to maintain their design. Stock up on your product of choice. Check out our deals on the new razor… make sure you’re prepared at home to commit to the look.
  4. Relax: This may seem like a lot of prep, but it’s worth it. Once you get there, watch how your barber works. Ask their advice on how to keep up the edges. Then, enjoy being pampered. Without the slippers.

That’s it, guys. Time to go for it.

Figure out what you want, read some reviews, make an appointment, use our product for daily upkeep. Bam. Done. Enjoy your new designer face.