Think facial hair is a personal choice? Well, yeah… we guess we agree. But, there is plenty of research on the topic of your face when it comes to success in the workplace.

So, while you may think there’s no correlation between your razor and your salary, many academic studies and investigations into the matter agree: how you groom matters. Some of us may still choose to put our money where our mutton chops are- especially because mutton chops are awesome. But, you owe it to yourself to find out. The only difference between you and your boss could be a good razor.

This month, we have researched how shaving and salary may go hand-in-hand. Study after study confirms that people tend to view clean shaved men as more competent and composed.

Plus, in a study that looked at over 300 random descriptions given to criminal sketch artists, 87% of participants described some variation of facial hair on the perpetrator. Research confirms society is wearier of our bearded bros.

When employees are surveyed about satisfaction with their supervisors, results confirm people prefer their boss to be baby-faced, not bearded.

Now, we know there are plenty of reasons for an intentional beard, too. Many studies show that men with beards are viewed as more trustworthy. People appreciate a man who commits to a well-groomed beard.

Money isn’t everything. If a well-groomed beard makes you happy, then we’re happy. And our products can help keep you looking sharp. If you are more money-motivated these days, though- behavioral science indicates that your odds are better with a clean shave and well-kept skin. We’ve got you covered either way.