Acne and razor burn are real bummers for lots of guys. Especially during this colder half of the year. Trust us, we get that there’s nothing better than the feeling of crisp air on a fresh face. We love it, too. As temperatures continue to drop though, that fresh feeling will turn into a frosty February burn that hurts your skin. You don’t need to grow your beard to use as a face blanket. Just adopt the right routine and you’ll have clear skin through Christmas and beyond.


Lots of guys with acne have more skin issues when it’s cold and winter breakouts can get bad. Fast. Is it the lack of sun? The dehydrated dryness of your skin? The winter wind in your face? Yes. To all three.  Those conditions are bad for your skin. If you find yourself breaking out this season, relax and quit Googling… flaky skin and dry winter acne are SO easy to control and prevent with moisture. Slather your chops with some of our sandalwood pre-shave oil to keep your skin full of hydration. It’s like Gatorade. For your face. 


A lot of the time, what appears to be acne is just razor burn. Get ahead of your winter skin game with a regimen that keeps your shave in mind. Going at your face with dry skin and a dull blade is like sticking your face in the garbage disposal. It hurts. Plus, sensitive and inflamed skin only makes your actual acne look worse. The lavender shave soap in our Gentleman’s Hangar starter kit clears your pores, moisturizes your skin, and gets you a great low-maintenance shave. On the cheap.


Still looking for that breezy, winter face feeling? Get our sandalwood after-shave for a beautiful burn… that doesn’t hurt. Skip the body spray and colognes. Chemical smells carry through cold air quicker. Don’t do that to the people around you. It’s rude. The light scent of a subtle aftershave product will clear your skin and leave you smelling like a grown-up. Moisturize and protect your face from the elements this season with the right pre- and post-shave routine and Gentleman’s products to keep your skin clear all year.